Seyani Brothers & Co. (U) Ltd.
Plot 1469, Ggaba Rd.
P.O. Box 21745, Kampala, Uganda.
Tel: +256 41 266218/266142

Parbat Siyani Construction Ltd.
P.O. Box 10748-00100, Kitui Rd.
Nairobi, Kenya.
Tel: +254 20 554706/554795

Seyani Brothers & Co. (R) Ltd s.a.r.l
Plot 1934, Gacuiliro Industrial Area
B.P. Box 399, Kigali Rwanda
Tel: +250 086 22700/083 08883

Seyani Brothers & Co. (T) Ltd.
Plot 41, Mikocheni Light Industry
P.O. Box 105404,
Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
Tel: +255 732928548/762461261


Every construction project is unique and one of a kind challenge. With over 500 members in our workforce, many with managerial and supervisory experience, we are confident that our powerful and unmatched staff resource has years of proven industry specific expertise in costing, planning, building and delivery of all kinds of construction services and projects.

Conventional Construction

The client retains a professional consultant team that includes an architect, quantity surveyor, structural engineer, mechanical and electrical engineers to perform and monitor the design services while we execute the technical construction. Hence the design, procurement and construction proceed in a sequential order.


The client approaches a contractor to provide total design and construction services in a so called ‘turnkey project’ in order to reduce high costs often incurred during the planning and design phase. As opposed to convention construction, here we are the first point of contact and assemble a team of proven architects, engineers and specialists subcontractors to provide the client an efficient and better building experience.